Zoë has worked with many seniors and their families. Below are a couple of clients who wanted to share their positive experiences:

“Zoë helped my parents in ways that I cannot begin to explain. She saw my father in his home as we were worried about his memory and my mother's ability to take care of him. Zoe's suggestions were clear, thorough and thoughtful. She even made us aware of problems we did not notice. Zoe's emotional and practical support to all of us continues as my parents still live at home enjoying the best quality of life they can.”

Doug McCullough

Zoë’s assistance, advice and direction was invaluable to us with both my father and my mother. Zoë helped us become effective advocates, ensuring my parents got the best care possible despite the intimidating hospital bureaucracy. Zoë worked with us to create a plan. She arranged for an occupational therapist to ensure the home environment was safe and she advised us on our care options. Zoë provided ongoing counsel and warm support. Watching your parents decline is extremely difficult. But Zoë’s guidance and strategic advice helped us feel confident that we did the best we could to give my parents the very best quality of life.

Joanne Rosenberg and Jerry Mcintosh