In-Home Assessment

Zoë believes in a preventative approach to safety and emotional well-being. During an initial face-to-face meeting, Zoë:

  • encourages the client and family to discuss any problems they are having and reviews the client's medical history
  • assesses the client's emotional, cognitive and physical status
  • assesses the client's ability to shop for and prepare meals, pay bills, perform household chores, take medications, as well as organize, and get to and from appointments
  • assesses the safety of the client’s residential environment


Zoë provides counselling to older persons who may be struggling with grief, depression, illness, memory challenges and isolation. She also provides counselling to care givers who may be experiencing care giver stress and other related problems.

Ongoing Care Management and Advocacy

An older person’s care needs can change quickly. Zoë encourages families to stay in contact on a regular basis. It is important that at least one skilled professional oversees all the client’s medical, social, emotional, and physical needs.

Help with Obtaining Community Services and Housing

Zoë will recommend reputable and competent community services and housing options. She will also help to navigate bureaucracy's in order to efficiently access help. She will be their advocate.